Jagged Edges

Believe me,
no one wants more than I
to feel your lips
on mine again.
Believe me,
there is nothing
I could even hope for,
nothing else I could want.
I live and breathe
and ache for you.
I submit to you.
I reach for you.
You are not there.
You’ll never be there again.
I’m alone in ways
I did not know
If there were
a way for me to
come back to you,
to slip under your skin
but feel you inside me all the same,
I would have done it
a hundred thousand times before now.
Believe me.
It is over.
Believe me.
It is no more.
Believe me.
It is lost.

Believe me — so am I.

Talk back to me. Trust me; I'm listening.

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