I have learned about myself
things I didn’t want to know.
I didn’t dig these things up;
I left them, let them lie,
for a reason.
A reason that escapes me now;
what have I been afraid of?
The answers, maybe,
that will set the world free.
It might’ve been better
to stay chained, might’ve been better
to be the thing
that kept remembering
13 ways of looking at
anything but a blackbird
but kept it to himself
and never opened his mouth
to speak the truth —
no one ever really wants the truth
as much as they say they do.
It’s hard when you realize
you’re nothing like
you wanted to be.
Harder, still, to forge a new path.
Harder, still, to leave the world behind
when it is all you have ever known.

Talk back to me. Trust me; I'm listening.

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