Blaze Of Glory

How often I thought of you, the peaceful one,
a graceful being of pure serenity.
I dreamed of dancing into your life,
a flickering flame, a burning song.
I wanted you for my own,
but lacked the form that would claim you.
I would have seized you
if I had not been so sure
I would crush that which I loved
above all else.
I would have worshipped you,
flung aside the gods
and made you a place in the heavens.
I would have made your eyes stars,
and your breath the celestial wind
that whorls the sun and moon through the sky.
I delight in your smiles, in your joy,
and though you are not and never will be mine,
I am content that you are content,
and I wish you nothing but happiness,
even without me
and that,
my purest darling,
is love.

Talk back to me. Trust me; I'm listening.

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