Motherland II

Look out the windows
at the shining days,
the caught-ups,
the ones who blithely
move through life
with an assurance of peace,
and a blindness
to the voracity of despair.

Remember yet again
that to resist,
to strive against the shackles,
only causes pain.

Remember why
you give up every time.

Remember how
it’s just so much easier
to lay down your head
and surrender.

Remember the heaviness,
and let it come.

It’s just so much easier
when you don’t fight.
Sink down
into the suffocation of it.

Remember that this,
your motherland,
the place that holds your passport
and clutches its owning talons
around your bleeding, black, and patriotic heart,
is the only place
you’ll ever truly belong.

Welcome home.

Talk back to me. Trust me; I'm listening.

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