Parenthetical Word (angry fruit(salad)) Association FootBall

Hey, (say hey)
remember (the time, when we)
that one time (that one time, bombs away)
you were (never what I wanted)
totally understanding (how’s your memory?)
about my fuckups (plenty of them have I had, yes)
and didn’t bring (my A-game)
each and every single (one of us, one of us)
one of them (oh, plenty, plenty)
to light in front of God (He watches all the time, dirty fucker)
and everyone (and everyone’s sister, you know what a bitch she is)
so you could point out (to me and everyone else, but me in specific)
how superior you (can you keep it up?)
are? No? (YES YES YES!)
Me either. Take your (cat and leave your sweater)
ball and go (the fuck)
home. I have a (it’s a wonderful)
life. I (gotta big)
have a husband (and his beautiful wife)
who runs. I have (eight is enough)
children (flesh of my flesh).
We are of (we belong to)
the night, and we hunt (the hunters)
blood, and howl at the (raving)
moon, running with the (colors of the)
wind. We are pack (what big teeth you have)
and tribe (didn’t you know)
and family (blood is thicker than).
You (darling you send me)
are nothing (nothing, nothing, if I don’t)
to me now (are you even listening?).


Talk back to me. Trust me; I'm listening.

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