Some Moments

Some moments we wake up
filled with a glory we must share.
Some moments, we hide away
our every thought, in fear and pain.
Some moments, we settle further
into slots we’ve worn,
grooves we’ve made
of patterns we should fix,

but won’t,

because the stone of our lives
has been polished enough
that we are fooled
into thinking it beautiful,
when it’s only heavy, solid.

Just because it is strong
doesn’t mean it is safe;
just because it is old
doesn’t mean it is good.

All of our moments should be fire

and if those fires burn us,
we must remember:

we are the ones
who gave them fuel,
and we asked to be warmed —

and in wanting to be illuminated,
we must expect
that we will sometimes be burned —

so we should be delighted by it,
and thank them for it,
and blaze as brightly
as we possibly can.


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