All Those Illusions

You believe, you all believe,
that some day,
you will get that second chance
when it matters the most.

That the eyes of those you love
will open up one last time,
for one last breath,
that you will step out of the path
of the speeding bullet,
that you will manage to get inside
just before it rains,
that you will only be delayed
for ‘five more minutes’
or that getting a puppy
would not be ‘too much work’,

All these illusions
come crashing to a stop
the moment you realize I’m there,
ready for you.
I’m even a little sorry
if you’re not ready for me.
I don’t really do ‘waiting,’ though,
so take my hand,
step under my cloak.

We have places to go,
and things to do,
and trust me,
you won’t want to be
even a moment late.

Talk back to me. Trust me; I'm listening.

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