Better Than I Ever Could

I want to slice you open,
steal the bone and breath of you,
and make a rattle to shake
to remember the moment of your demise
as a personal triumph.
I want to crush your ever-dancing hands,
cut out your ever-licking tongue,
set fire to your ever-tangled raven locks,
tear off your sagging breasts.
I want to bury you while you still scream,
and pack the thick, dead soil
against your tongue with a shovel,
let it crack your teeth as I use it
to push you back down into the earth.
I want to give myself up to hurting you,
to throw myself into it,
to lose myself entirely
and simply become the agony
that lives inside you,
until you destroy yourself
better than I ever could.


Talk back to me. Trust me; I'm listening.

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