Reader’s Choice

So you’ve seen all kinds of stuff on here so far, now I’m going to ask you what you feel like reading. Can’t promise I’ll bow to the whimsy of anyone but myself, because the muse might get crazy drunk on RedBull and inspire me to write odes to chevrons and kitchen knives, but I’d be lying if I said I ONLY wrote for myself, so what the hell — why not ask? If you’ve got something not listed above that you want to see done (live pictures of me capturing wild boars, recipes for gluten-free pickled hipster feet) then you should say so in the comments.


4 responses to “Reader’s Choice

  1. Wish I were around a lot more Jones, but I’ve basically left my blog in the dust for a while. Will try to get back to reading yours though. Makes the world feel right. I’ll read anything you got.

    And now back to my nether-existence.


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