In honor of 100 followers and 200 posts…

…I present to you the following hilarity.

The top searches that lead to my fiction include the phrase:

“What’s it like falling in love?”

Whoever you are, I AM SO. SO. SORRY.

* * *

When we hit 200 followers, I will post a link to my greatest audio hits which may or may not include a poetry reading of a takeout menu from my favorite Indian restaurant.

[[UPDATE]] Now that I realize that I’ve already actually got over 300 followers because of FB and Twitter (Hmmmm, minion army), I must renegotiate: You will receive a ‘greatest hits’ album after 500 followers. You can either start promoting, OR live in a world where you never have to listen to me cover a Deathboy and Idina Menzel mashup.

9 responses to “In honor of 100 followers and 200 posts…

  1. Funnily enough, I landed here by searching ” words that rhyme with bhuna.”

    And I thought I’d be the lone voice in “menu poetry” – damn!!!


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